Ship Information

I have always enjoyed a ship sighting, but growing up in Terrace Bay, ON, on the shores of Lake Superior, we didn’t get many “sightings”.  We will see ships in the distance when the fall winds drive the ships closer to town to get out of the wind, but we do not get to experience the ships up close.

Since spending more time in the area around the North Channel, I have had numerous opportunities to get up close to many ships -both “freshies” and “salties”.

Each and every time I see a ship up close, I experience a thrill. This organization of pictures is as much for me as it is for you.

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Websites for tracking live marine traffic:

Live St. Mary’s River Marine Traffic Audio Traffic

The James R. Barker (Summer 2011)                                  The Algolake (Summer 2011)



stewartcort1           stewart j cort 6



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