Google Resources




80 Ways to Support Student Learning with Google Forms

Using Google Forms to Create Graded Quizes

Adding Audio Feedback in a Google Doc with Kaizena

Google Forms How-To

How to Use Google Docs to Provide Tutoring for Students Outside the Classroom

40 Ways to use Google in the Classroom

Getting Started with Google Drive-Printable Resources and Presentations

The 3 C’s (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) Done the Google Way

Google Apps Training

The Basics of Google-YouTube Tutorial

Giving Students a Voice via Google Forms-Mood Check In

A Complete Guide to Google Hangouts

Teach Students to Effectively Search Google Image With Text & Images

How to Edit an Image in a Google Doc

How to Make Anecdotal Voice to Text Comments with Google Forms

All About Google Drive

How to Search by File Type

Google Maps Gallery -100’s of Educational Maps for Class 

Embedding Google Docs/Presentations

How to Make a Customized Map

How to Add Make  A Google Drawing with Clickable Links

12 Ways to Leverage Google Drive in Your Classroom

A Dozen Ways to Use Google Docs Collaboratively

How to Use Google Draw in the Classroom

100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom

Putting Graphics Near Text on a Google Doc

Under 30 Minutes Tutorials on Google  Drive, Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets and Drawing

A Short Guide to Creating and Sharing Google Calendars

Outsmarting the LMS: Embedding Google Docs

Google Docs/Google Drive Teacher Training Videos

How to Add Voice in Google Docs

Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Google Drive Tool for Taking Notes While Watching Videos

7 Tips to Become an Advanced Google Drive User

Google Drive and Docs Tips: 20 Expert Tips and Tricks

How to Receive an e-Mail Alert When a Google Form is Updated

How to Show and Anaylze Data from Google Forms

Draw On Google Maps-Scribble Maps

How to Use Slide Master in Google Presentation

Google Hangout Guide for Teachers

Google Forms for Rubrics

Streamlining Assignment Submission using Google Forms

Convert Images to Text: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Google Docs

Google Apps for Education -Waterloo-2014 -Workshop Resources

Google Apps for Education -Waterloo-2014-Slam Resources

Google Apps for Education-Waterloo-2014-Additional Resources


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