e-Resources (LMS Help)

D2L Help Teacher Resources:


Help Guides

D2L Student Help Resources:


How to link an image to a URL in D2L


Blended Learning Video

25 Great YouTube Channels for Blended Learning

The Biggest Myths (and Realities) of Online Learning

Five Elements that Promote Learner Collaboration and Group Wok in Online Courses

How to Give Your Online Class an In-Class Feel

Blended Learning Resources You Can Use Tomorrow

How to Receive an e-Mail Alert When a Google Form is Updated

Arranging Meeting times: whenisgood.net

vLE “How To”-coursehelp.ca

10 Effective Tips for Online Collaboration

Supporting e-Learning Students and Teachers in Small, Rural Schools

Soundcloud-podcasting via the LMS

Screencasting Software(Free):screencast-o-matic

Creating Awesome Online Discussions

On the Rise K-12 (2014) Day 1 Presentation Resources

On the Rise K-12 (2014) Day 2 Presentation Resources

What Can You Use? How Do You Cite? Creative Commons:



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