Innovator’s Mindset Blog Hop-“What if…”


What If….?

Imagine for a moment that you could implement innovative practice in your school or classroom. Don’t think about the policies. Don’t think about past practices and the way “things have always been done.” Don’t think about finances. Don’t think about the naysayers. Dream big. Aim for moonshot thinking. Allow yourself to imagine. Start with “What if…”.

George Couros posed a series of  the “what if” questions in his book, The Innovator’s Mindset. The question that resonated with me was, “what if schools operated as if we should all be learners as opposed to students being the only learners?”

My professional world was opened up to me through fabulous mentors and my PLN. Being a connected educator has been transformative in my practice. It wasn’t always this way. I taught my students in the best way that I knew-the exact same way that I had attended school as a student and in the way that I saw teaching being done around me. Change? Change is hard, I get that, but it is necessary. To accept that we can continue creating learning environments that do not engage our students with curriculum and 21st Century Competencies because we see no need to change is doing a huge disservice to our students and to our profession. What if we all had a learner stance and took the time to reflect upon our current practice, open our classroom doors to connect with educators inside and outside our buildings and most importantly, listen? What if taking risks, and participating and modelling life-long learning was valued by all?

“What if…” two simple words but when used together can be the catalyst for change. If we frame our thinking around what is best for all our learners and ask that simple question the possibilities are endless!

What if your decisions were based on courage rather than fear?

What if there was enough time and support to do everything you wanted to do?

What if everyone saw the possibilities instead of the obstacles?

What if we could achieve a healthy life-work balance?

What if everyone made decisions based on what is best for the learner?

What if everyone took the time to share their effective practices and learn from one another?

What if everyone listened-to each other and the learners we serve?

What are your “What Ifs?”

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