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A week ago I had the opportunity to travel over 2100km to attend two fantastic education conferences back to back in Ontario. It was exhausting but exhilarating at the same time!

The On the Rise K-12 (#OTRK12) conference was an opportunity for me to not only meet my #eLC #PLN face to face but it provided the opportunity to  continue to learn more about the virtual learning environment (vLE) and the tools that enhance it. As well, we were all part of the conversation regarding the direction and implementation of blended across Ontario.  The feedback from the conference  was extremely positive. As session presenters send in their resources, the #OTRK12 site is updated. Check back for updates!

The second conference I had the opportunity to attend was the Google Summit in Kitchener Ontario. This event took place over two full days on the weekend. Not only did I have access to amazing workshops, a demo SLAM session and resources, I was able to share my knowledge and learn from over 600 dedicated educators who gave up their weekend so that they could learn skills that would enhance their classroom practices. The ultimate goal? The success of their students. It was absolutely amazing to be immersed in a learning environment such as that and to be part of the “choir”.

To be surrounded with so many wonderfully passionate and dedicated educators over the course of a week was a motivating and energizing experience. Both conferences provided the environment where I could both learn a lot and share the skills I have learned  as #eLC and from my #PLN.

I hope that you find the resource links as useful as I do. They can also be found on the “Digital Resources” page and the “Google Resources” page.

download On The Rise K-12 Resources:

On the Rise K-12 (2014) Day 1 Presentation Resources

On the Rise K-12 (2014) Day 2 Presentation Resources

google-apps   Google Summit (Kitchener) Resources:

Google Apps for Education -Waterloo-2014 -Workshop Resources

Google Apps for Education -Waterloo-2014-Slam Resources

Google Apps for Education-Waterloo-2014-Additional Resources


“The Smartest person in the room, is the room.”-David Weiberger





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